Tips To Improve English Speaking Skill.

Dr.Manju Lata Sharma

English is the world's 'Lingua Franca',a common language that people with different native languages use to communicate with each other.We …

Motivations To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone


The modern age,or Modernity is a time marked by the development of many technological innovations,urbanization,scientific discoveries and globalization.Life has become fast.To pace with life man has to be bold enough to accept challenges.Slow and…

A Dedicated And Honest Teacher
(A Tribute To My Husband Dr.Indu Bhushan Sharma)


Teachers have the power to inspire through their attitudes,actions and through the lessons they engage students in.There are innumerable qualities of of a dedicated teacher,but there is…

Now Or Never: Live Your Life Today.

Time is not precious because it is an illusion.The more you focus on present, past or future time- the more you miss the 'Now'.Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend but a man who dares to waste even a single…

Getting Inspiration From
Unexpected Events.

Dr.Manju Lata Sharma.

Life is never easy.Sometimes things happen in one’s life that one has no control over and is not prepared for.The feeling automatically comes in mind "why me?".Sometimes the actions of the others affect people’s lives.Other times an act of foolishness,irresponsibility and immaturity…

My Memoirs

Heartbreak and difficulties are synonyms of life,
It is the painful story of a lonely wife.
God separated the wife and husband,
The loving bond was broken on this land.

Tied together in nuptial bond,
On 12 June 1981 a beautiful summer night.
Nights were starry and days golden bright.

How to Know You Are On The Right Path.

Life is a journey. It gives many curveballs which includes hope and survival. Life is not always a bed of roses, thorns in the form of challenges are a part of it. There are many ready to harass you…

Hobbies are a very important medium to channel and execute the hidden energy in a positive and fruitful way. They have specific significance today when the world is going through a major economic crisis due to the COVID-19 outbreak. People are under great stress and becoming prone to depression. Different…


Teaching is a great passion.

Money is no motivation.

Dedication,devotion and determination,

Make a teacher a source of inspiration.

Teachers are the lamp of the Nation.

Eliminating the feelings of discrimination.

They define the meaning of education,

Instill positive stand with motivation.

Teachers illuminate the path of every child,

And promote thirst of knowledge in their mind.

Teachers are the special friends,

Who help every child realise his stand in the world.

Teachers like potters,mould and shape,

The young minds into beautiful landscape.

Never they demand students’ respect,

Their positive aura has a great impact.

Obey your teachers,give them due respect,

In return learn to value your self-respect.

Be a real man,true and confident,

Here in lies teacher’s happiness in teaching a student.

Dr.Manju Lata Sharma.

Teenage is a period of transition between adolescence to young age. A teenager is one who usually falls within the age group of thirteen to nineteen years old. The word teenager is associated with adolescence. It includes some big changes-‐ to the body and to the way a young person…

Manjulata Sharma

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