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Life is not easy for anyone.It is always changing colors.Sometimes it is a bright rainbow of happy colors, the very next minute it crumbles to pieces.But,what of that?Should we leave ourselves completely in the hands of fate and let life lead us to any direction?The answer is a big “NO”.To lead life in the right direction we need to have perseverance and confidence in ourselves.we need to keep ourselves motivated by reminding that everyone is gifted for something or the other and that we must have the courage to
attain it at any cost.This is what is our inner strength,the building block of our personality which does not let us down.Our inner strength helps us face problems courageously and can give us the real motivation to live life fully.
People may ask what really is inner strength?Inner strength is the core strength(strength of the soul) of a human being.It provides immense benefits like,it teaches us patience,which is the urgent requirement at difficult times.It fills the mind with self- confidence,determination and makes man tolerant.It is the true strength of every one in adverse situations.

Sometimes it gets difficult to differentiate between mental strength and inner strength.But it is crystal clear.Inner strength is the ability to do right thing in the right way without any concern about what the others feel or think about you.It enables you to live your dream life and helps you to deal with the obstacles that life throws in your way.Inner strength makes you strong whereas mental strength is only the strength of the mind which enables you to feel and think in the right direction.

Life is a fusion of ups and downs.At one minute we are at cloud nine, the very next minute we are facing a tough situation that we are not prepared for.There is little we can do to control the uncontrollable.This makes us look for the only one option and that is search for the inner strength that is hidden deep inside within ourselves.We need to develop resilience in the face of adversity to make the situation normal,and this can only be possible by our inner strength.

Inner strength is inherent in every human being.But,the question arises how to bring out or build up the inner strength?It is quite simple we need to follow certain steps and we can be the man with inner strength.Self- awareness is the first step which can bring confidence in us and we can discover ourselves, recognize our talents and skills and find out our weaknesses,desires and aspirations.The second step is to learn to pay attention to what your mind communicates through the bodily sensations.Give value to your body and mind,think well and feel good.Your childhood games express your talents and skill.So,the third step to build your inner strength is, try re-collecting your childhood memories and learn to put them in good use.Bring out your skill to the most and sharpen them from time to time.

Man is a social animal he cannot live alone.Hence the fourth step is to spend quality time with like minded people/friends.This will ultimately help in cultivating innovations and you will achieve excellence.It is very easy to share ideas and exchange valuable feedbacks with like-minded people which in return will support you during challenging times.Think positive,talk positive and do positive.This can only be possible when you share your ideas freely with friends who are always there by your side.

New activities are not easy to handle as they are not everyone’s cup of tea.But if involved in new activities,they can keep you busy and active.So,open up yourself to new experiences and get involved in new activities.Exploring new innovative ideas, is the next step to build inner strength.You might be uncomfortable in the beginning but remember new experiences build resilience and enhance creativity,which are the key ingredients of the inner strength.Patience,the next step is very important for succeeding in each and every field.Every cloud has a silver lining,so,maintain your cool and let the hard time pass away.

Fear is the greatest enemy of human being.The next step to show your inner strength is,don’t let fear enter into your decision making.Just embrace the thought,feeling or idea that scares you the most.Do not let fear be your master but master the fear and make it your strength.The last but not the least,is the step that needs to be kept in mind is believe in yourself.Be your own friend and learn to be calm in adverse conditions.Always remember that your choice defines your life.Life is ever changing and your inner strength will never fail you.It will always help you get through difficult times.

Remember,Courage Is Not Having The Strength To Go On.It Is Going On When You Don’t Have The Strength.
Decide,Commit,And Act.





Retired Teacher(DAV Public School). writing is my passion.

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Manjulata Sharma

Manjulata Sharma

Retired Teacher(DAV Public School). writing is my passion.

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